A Long Time Comin'


I. Am. Geeked.

I get to tell you that after many, many years of working, speaking, writing, and creating work to raise public consciousness about inequities and racism, just this past week, Eno Laget received word that two of his pieces, previously given as donations, are being admitted into the permanent collection of the Detroit Historical Society. And wouldn't you know it, one of them happens to be the piece below, which was featured in the past two editions of ARTHAUS:Detroit's newsletter.

Eno's humble response to this good news? "If it helps people have more conversations about things we choose to ignore...[it's a good thing]."

Pictured above is historical figure, Grace Lee Boggs, presented in a multi-layer stencil print by Eno Laget. Learn more about her here and at the links below:




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