Okay, folks. I'm sorry, the last of yesterday's links was broken. Here is a working link for details on the Hawkins Field Freedom Ride. And here is a link for a landing page with Rides, by number.

Here forward, you may simply see a listing of the location, date, and detail link for each ride. There are many rides, and I'm going down the list one by one until every freedom ride has been honored, hoping you can at some point grab, check out, or inter-library loan a copy of Eric Etheridge's 2018 expanded edition of Breach of Peace. For now, I'm giving a nod to every ride, just like last year, except, in order, and starting from the first, which was May 24, 1961.

If you're a subscriber, you already know that previous newsletters eventually land in the ARTHAUS:Detroit blog where you can refer to them any time.

Sixty-one years ago today there were two rides. Rides number 10 and 11 to the usual epicenter of militant white supremacy where Jim Crow was often at his strongest. Thank God for activists. Individuals with a will for mercy and justice that is stronger.

June 8 ride 9...

Hawkins Field, Jackson Airport, Montgomery, AL, to Jackson, MS.

Sixty-one years ago, June 8, ride 10... 

Illinois Central Train Station, New Orleans, LA, to Jackson, MS.

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