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These are a few pictures from The Collab Project, a sizable exhibition at the Padzieski Gallery at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center in Dearborn, Michigan. The Collab Project, the brainchild of Michelle Boggess, was the second of two exhibits marking the grand re-opening of the gallery.

Image at the top: a guest contemplates the collage and sculpture collaboration by artists Jerome Brown and Eno Laget.

Image immediately above: crop of a textile art and sculpture collaboration by Dione Tripp and Kelly O'Neill.

Sixty Michigan artists of different disciplines -- painters, illustrators, sculptors, etc. -- were paired, most at random, to join talents in their different mediums with the goal of creating something altogether new in one month's time.

Above: oil painting collaboration by father and daughter artists Jason and Ariana Kimble.

Of course, the few pictures here don't do it justice. The show is a burst of color, connection, community, and diversity. If at all possible, something you've got to see, and experience, in person.

Above: mixed media collaboration by artists Vikas Relan and Sanda Cook.

I wasn't able to publish an edition of my ARTHAUS:Detroit newsletter last week, so I'm extra happy to be able to bring you a little something today. That said, for the next little while going forward, I and this little digest will appear as a little serendipity in your mailbox. Sometimes on Sundays. Sometimes Wednesdays. Other times, on occasions of special commemoration.

Above: textile art and sculpture collaboration by Dione Tripp and Kelly O'Neill.

;) Keep an eye out for us.

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