Last week was pretty busy for ARTHAUS:Detroit.

Pictured above: Kids busy working on a watercolor wings collaborative art project at camp in July at ARTHAUS:Detroit.

I had makers here for drop-in workshops. Mostly the same kids who came for ArtRecycles and Tango camps throughout July. They were all friends, so it was like a private party -- which, by the way, I also host.

And there must be Donna Reed or Jimmy Stewart retrospectives, or reruns of It's A Wonderful Life, floating through the tv-land airwaves, because several orders for MaryBailey Baskets (one pictured below) came in this week alone.

Workshop kids made abstract illustrations, wearable ARTHAUS accessories (one pictured below), and collages, and bounced on the trampoline (thanks Deb Banfield!) or ran around the back acre during breaks.

The rustic studio (pictured below) sits on the edge of the woods on a two-acre plot -- if you're local, you ought to stop by for afternoon drop-in some time. Just contact me ahead of time, to CONFIRM THE TIME and make sure it's still on for the day. Right now, they're Monday and Friday afternoons. It's pastoral outside and from the inside, it feels like a studio in the trees. I should maybe have called it the Art TREEHAUS instead.

The coming week won't be any less busy. Basket orders to complete. Prints and illustrations to continue working on. Final summer vacation drop-ins. Prep for autumn workshops (a new location in the not so distant future). This in addition to TEFL day job, home commitments, and a brief trip out of town.

For the coming weekend I planned on staging an event in Detroit. I put myself on the volunteer roster to speak about truth in education for the Zinn Education Project, but plans have changed, because something else has come up for my husband and I to be busy with here.

Otherwise, I could have had live video content from Detroit where I wanted to speak about Freedom Riders at the Birwood Wall. Kids need to learn about the other Hamilton, and not just the usual suspects (Martin, Harriet, Frederick, Rosa, and now John). But I'll promote ZEP on Facebook and send you links to whatever I can. For starters, I'll include some...for you...here.

The truth is out there. I guess we just have to have the courage to include it in the stories and histories we teach and tell it, right?

"No government...has jurisdiction over the truth."*

Have a safe, relaxing holiday weekend, everybody!



*Quote from The X-Files.

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