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Hello everyone. As I hammer this out on July 26, it's a low-humidity night here in southeast Michigan -- for a nice change. I'm past being tired of wet heat, though I understand it's to become our new normal. But tonight, 88 feels like 78. The sky, dotted with clouds, has remained blue. And there's a welcome, gentle breeze. I hope, whenever you receive this, you're enjoying a rest and reprieve from any heat, drought, or flood drama you've possibly been dealing with.

Except for Special Editions, you normally hear from me on Sundays. And this past Sunday was no exception. Except...

...the July 25 edition literally did not get shipped until the last minute of the day. It went out at 11:59pm. My apologies; it was one of those days.

But you should be able to find it in your Inbox. Check your trusty spam folder if you do not see it.

Some of you may be able to find the link that was referred to in the newsletter. But others of you may have had a little trouble.

ARTHAUS:Detroit features 5 lines. BVic is one of them. To find the BVic collection is super simple, but I should have included this info to make it even more convenient. Here's how to get there:

1. go to the home page:

2. click on 'CATALOG' at the top

3. select Black Victoria Shoppe from the dropdown menu.

And voila...that's it.

Here is the direct link to that collection.

Remember, it's in its infancy. It would be nice to get your vote on which Victorian you'd like to see on the backside of a set of wooden dominoes. Or should there be two?

At the moment, I'm considering Mister Handsome, Selika, Beauty in the Eyes of te Beheld, and Young Lady. I have other portraits that are not yet placed in the shop, so I might add one of those and throw him or her into the running.

Talk to you soon,

Debora Grace

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