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Earrings, bracelets, totes, and more. Everyday accessories focused on social justice, the Fury collection includes...

...a line of jewelry featuring the Crying Tree lynching memorial locket and the Spirit Cross. The Crying Tree locket contains 200 of more than 4,000 names of lynching victims. The Spirit Cross (aka UnitySignal) is a cross-cultural solidarity symbol, ideal for those who believe in something bigger than themselves, and those who believe that Black lives matter because we are all called to love our neighbors with no exceptions. Over time, it will be featured in earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

...a line of tees and totes featuring Fury's Big 3: The Other Founding Father (John Lewis), The Other Rosas (Freedom Riders and resisters preceding Rosa Parks), and The Other Hamilton (Miss Mary Hamilton).

...a line of personalized shackle bracelets that allow men, women and children to fashionably make timely and timeless statements about mercy, justice, empathy, and freedom...without saying a word.

More items will be introduced over time.


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