Merze Tate

Merze Tate

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The Magnificent Merze Tate. A historic figure, Michigan native, Oxford scholar, Harvard Ph.D., and Howard University professor.

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Black Victoria curates collectibles and four categories of photographic imagery:
altered mixed media/collaged/illustrated (created by Debora Grace)

Merze Tate is one of Black Victoria's retro images. Approximately 4x6 inches.

Not run of the mill and perfect for home, office, studio or shop; for personal use or gifts. Lovely print for mounting on foam core or for placing in a matte and frame.

Vernie Merze Tate was born on February 6, 1905 in Blanchard, Michigan. She died on June 27, 1996 in Washington, D.C. She was a professor and scholar who, because of her education and travels, became an expert on United States diplomacy. Merze achieved many firsts. Among them, she was the first African-American to graduate from Western Michigan Teachers College, to attend the University of Oxford, and to earn a Ph.D. in government and international relations from Radcliffe College (which is now known as Harvard University). She is what I would refer to as a hidden figure and a hidden treasure.