Zauditu-African Queen

Zauditu-African Queen

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Welcome to Black Victoria! 100% of the profit from your purchase is being donated to the Ethiopian Heritage Scholarship fund.

Black Victoria curates collectibles and four categories of photographic imagery:
altered mixed media/collaged/illustrated (created by Debora Grace)

Queen Zauditu is one of Black Victoria's antique images.
Approximately 4x7.

In its antiquity, it is not as crisp as a new, modern photo, but reproduces relatively well for a small wall, desk or tabletop photo. When you go to print it, it may show as an 8.5x11 photo, but as long as you know how to adjust your printer settings, you can choose to print it thus or decrease its size if you prefer.

Born September 27, 1917, Askala Maryam was a post-Victorian queen. She ruled Ethiopia in the dynasty of the House of Solomon, That name should ring a bell. She was predecessor to another notable king, Haile Sellasie I. As the first empress regnant of the Ethiopian empire, she was historically significant in her own right. She died April 2, 1930.

This is not a run of the mill item. Lovely for home, office, classroom, studio and shop; for personal use or gifts. Ideal for a matte and frame. COST COVERS domestic SHIPPING.